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Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) commenced full-scale operations of its Nakanoto base in May 2024 to provide med-term support to areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.


Hitomi Yokote, CEO of 2HJ visited the Nakanoto Town Hall on June 4, and exchanged opinions on a variety of topics with Yoshiyuki Miyashita, Mayor of Nakanoto-cho, including the current situation in the disaster-stricken areas and the support system based on partnerships between the government and private organizations, which will become even more important in the future. We also visited the NGO Collaborative Center based in Nakajima-cho, Nanao City, and had discussions about the effective use of the 2HJ Nakanoto Base and collaborations for future support activities.

To date, 18 of NGOs and local support groups have registered at the Nakanoto base, and they have come to pick up the food they need to support the affected victims. The base is equipped with frozen stockers to provide refrigerated and frozen products in addition to room-temperature products. We use a forklift to carry-in, move food to organize the 444.78 square-meter-warehouse.

2HJ will continue to strive to expand the functions of the Nakanoto base, and enhance its collaborative network with the government and various support organizations. This will help provide nutritious and sufficient food that meets the needs of the disaster-stricken areas.

2HJ needs your supports to the activities.

2HJ appreciates your donation, which will be used to support areas affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, and other 2HJ activities.

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