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[Press Release] Second Harvest Japan to Introduce Supporting Membership System for Companies and Organizations, Beginning Recruitment on May 1, 2024

Second Harvest Japan (2HJ), Japan’s first food bank headquartered in Taito-ku, Tokyo, announces the launch of a Supporting Membership System tailored for companies and organizations.

Recruitment for the Supporting Membership System commences on May 1, 2024.

This initiative aims to foster sustained engagement between 2HJ and corporate partners, facilitating a deeper understanding of 2HJ’s mission and activities. Additionally, it enables the incorporation of partner feedback into operational strategies, advancing the shared goal of “Working with others to create a food safety-net so everyone can eat.”

The joining fee for supporting members is waived, with an annual membership fee of 100,000 yen per unit. Member companies/organizations gain several benefits, including name recognition on 2HJ’s website, priority registration for various events organized by 2HJ. Furthermore, 2HJ offers networking opportunities with other supporting members and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs).

Members can also seek guidance on how to participate in food bank activities based on their interests, such as volunteering.

The society with a food safety-net that 2HJ aims to establish is one in which everyone, regardless of their economic status, has access to sufficient nutritious food, even in the event of a disaster. Since its founding in 2002, 2HJ has embarked on various innovative initiatives within Japan’s food bank activities. Currently, in addition to the Kanto region, which serves as the center of its activities, 2HJ has expanded its support to Okinawa Prefecture. Here, the number of households in poverty has increased due to COVID-19, and to areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred in January of this year. In both regions, we have initiated not only emergency food assistance but also medium to long-term support for those in need.

Food bank activities necessitate both donated food and funds to cover various resources such as logistics, human resources, and more. The Supporting Membership System will contribute to the financial support required. 2HJ remains committed to collaborating with corporate partners and other stakeholders to achieve sustainable food bank activities.

Supporting members

Names of companies/organizations to be featured on the 2HJ website will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to 2HJ activity reports, including the annual report
  • Priority registration for various events organized by 2HJ
  • Opportunities for interaction with other supporting members and NPOs
  • Supporting Membership certificate

Additionally, members can consult with 2HJ regarding ways to participate in food bank activities, such as volunteer opportunities, and more.

Supporting Membership Fee (Annual Fee)

The annual fee for supporting membership is 100,000 yen per unit (The system allows for joining with either one unit or multiple units). The first membership year begins on the date of registration and ends on December 31st . The annual membership fee remains 100,000 yen even if joining in the middle of 2024. From 2025 onward, the yearly membership period runs from January 1st to December 31st .


You have the option to pay your membership fee through bank transfer or by your credit card.


To inquire about supporting membership, kindly use the form provided at 2HJ Supporting Membership site:


About Second Harvest Japan

Established in 2002, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) is Japan’s first food bank organization. Our mission revolves around receiving safe-to-consume yet unused food for various reasons and redistributing it to those in need. Guided by the slogan “Food for all people,” 2HJ endeavors to construct a food safety-net across Japan. This network ensures that everyone, regardless of their economic status, has access to a sufficient supply of nutritious food, even in times of crisis.

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