Regarding food donations…

Can I donate just a small amount of _____ product?

We can except even small amounts of most products.

Do you accept products whose expiration dates have either passed or are not clearly marked, or products that have already been opened?

No, we do not.

Can I donate clothes to you?

No. We do not accept clothing donations.

Do you accept donations of products other than food? (Pots and pans, dish soap, tupperware, silverware or chopsticks)

We generally limit our accepted donations solely to food.
However, if the size of the donation is small, we may able to use certain products in our soup kitchen program.

Can you come and pick up my donation?

Unfortunately we are not able to pick up donated products.

Regarding Financial Donations…

What is 2HJ’s legal status?

We are a registered non-profit organization (NPO).

How are you funded?

We are funded entirely by donations.

Can I get a tax deduction by donating to 2HJ?

Unfortunately you cannot receive tax deductions.
However, those with United States Citizenship may receive deductions by donating to our activities through “Second Harvest Asia,” our partner NPO in the United States.

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