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Our Work

Four programs to improve food security.

Core Programs


Harvest Central Kitchen

Program 01

Since 2003, Harvest Central Kitchen has been preparing meals each Saturday for distribution at Ueno Park and bentos for other outreach programs.

Harvest Pantry

Program 02

We provide perishable and non-perishable foods through direct pickup, food boxes and mobile pantrys.

Food Bank

Program 03

Food banking is our core activity. We collect food from a wide variety of sources and distribute it directly to those in need as well as the agencies that serve them. We continue our work to create a “food life-line” and “food safety-net” to make this work possible.

Advocacy & Development

Program 04

One of the ways we are creating a food safety-net is through promoting food bank development. Our work includes public speaking, holding symposiums, conducting research, and participating in study sessions.