From 30 to 3,152 Tons

Our dramatic growth in recent years (813 tons in 2010 and 3,152 in 2012) can be attributed to higher efficiency, an increase in the number of food banks, and more logistic support from a wide number of companies.

Total Value of Food Delivered ¥4.8 Billion※

This represents the combined purchase replacement value of the food delivered since 2002. In 2012 the value was approximately ¥1.8 billion and that same year we helped companies save approximately ¥315 million in disposal costs.

Tohoku Disaster Relief Activities

The 3.11 Tohoku Disasters caused unprecedented damage and challenged our organization. While maintaining our regular operations, we responded to the needs in Tohoku and doubled the volume of food that we had delivered the previous year. Wee continue to be actively involved in the region providing care packages to those in need, establishing a food safety-net in Ishinomaki, and providing assistance to those organizations operating in the region,


Food Lifeline

“Lifeline” in Japanese refers to basic public utilities (gas, water, electricity). Using this concept we are working to get people to see “food banking” as a basic necessary public service for the community. We are working to develop the infrastructure necessary to capture and redistribute the 3-5 million tons of safe, edible, unexpired food that is destroyed each year in Japan.

Food Safety-net

The ability for the nearly 20 million people in Japan who live below the poverty line to access safe, nutritious food in their own community in times of need. We are working with local nonprofits, faith-based groups, and community organizations to create this safety-net

New Initiatives

Second Harvest Japan Alliance

This is a “public-interest corporation” vetted by the Cabinet Office. The mission of this organization will be to promote food banking and food security on a national level by working more closely with various national and local government agencies, local food banks, and food companies. Donations to this entity will be tax deductible.

Food Bank Membership Requirements:
-Regular audit of operations by an outside assessment team of professionals
-Submission of a business plan and financial model showing how the organization plans to be sustainable
-Establishment of an outside advisory board (i.e., Professional Advisory Board or Food Advisory Board)

Food Donor Alliance (FDA)

Members: Current food donors and related companies in the food industry.

Mission: Promote food banking as well as set and maintain food donation standards

• Promote the use of the food banking logo on products, websites, and in stores to raise awareness
• Promote cause-related marketing campaigns as a means to supporting food banks
• Promote donating as a safe alternative to disposal
• Promote safe food donation standards

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