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Food banks are a safe and trustworthy alternative to destroying food.

We work with everyone along the food supply chain.
We have signed over 2,300 donor agreements since 2002.

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Donation Guidelines

Please read and comply with the below guidelines.


1. Expiration dates:

  • All processed food must have a list of ingredients in Japanese and an expiration date
  • We do not accept expired food. Depending on the type of food and quantity, we may require a minimal amount of shelf life in order for it to be distributed before expiring.

2. Types of food we do not accept:

  • Prepared food such as bentos/ sandwiches, leftovers from parties and banquets, and alcoholic beverages

3. Donation quantity:

  • No minimum amount
  • For large donations, please contact us in advance as we may need to make special arrangements

4. Donation method:

  • We ask the donor to make delivery arrangements and cover the costs. We will inform you which warehouse to deliver to.

5. Who will benefit from your donation:

  • Donated food items will ultimately be provided to welfare facilities such as orphanages, single-parent support organizations, facilities for the disabled, food pantries, faith-based organizations, and individuals in need.

6. Receipts

  • If you would like an official receipt, we can provide you a PDF formatted receipt via email.

Donation Process


FAQ / Inquiries

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    asked questions.

  • If you have any questions,
    please feel free to contact us.

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