We are shaping a new environment in which anyone can
access the food they need in their own community.

Food for 100,000 Tokyo 2020

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What was “Tokyo2020: Food for 100,000”?

This project was originally envisioned in 2013 and officially launched in 2016. The goal was to create a food safety-net by the start of the Tokyo Olympics that would showcase to the world and reflect the best of our culture on how we can support those in need. We set the goal of 100,000 people and calculated it would require 73 pantries operating at least once a week in Tokyo to accomplish this goal. We would work with a wide range of stakeholders to assist in the establishment of independent pantries.

Project Goals and Achievements

As interest in the project grew, we included both Kanagawa and Saitama prefecturesfor a final goal
to support 160,000 people. When the pandemic began to take hold in 2020
we decided to extend the deadline to be aligned with the start of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

By the end of 2021 we had surpassed our goal of 73 pantries. Moroever, in Saitama Prefecture 74 pantries were established,
which is four time more than the original goal, thanks to the support of the government.







While the number of pantries have increased, their capacity remains limited. Moreover,
in comparison to other major cities around the world, Japan lags far behind in creating a robust food safety-net.

Food pantry locations in major cities

  • New York City1,100
  • San Francisco250
  • Hong Kong160

What you can do

We want to thank the many sponsors
who provided financial support for this project.

Next steps

We are going to take the lessons learned and use this to create our next project. We will focus on our three strategic pillars: Social impact, sustainable community, and community. Our goal will be, as always, to work with others to create a food safety-net so that people have enough food.