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Individual Donors

Your donation will support our mission.

We are a certified NPO. Your donation is eligible for tax benefits.

For tax benefits associated with donations, please visit the Cabinet Office NPO website.


Tax-deductible donations for US taxpayers

Donations made through our sister organization, Second Harvest Asia, are tax-deductible.
See secondharvestasia for more information.

Bank Transfer

Please complete and submit a Bank Transfer Donation Form.

Bank Transfer Donation Form

Postal Transfer

Credit Card

You can select monthly or a one time donation by Credit card.


Be sure you provide your name and address for us to issue a receipt.
Our fiscal year ends on December 31st and receipts will be issued and mailed in late January.

Monthly Donation

It is convenient if you choose a monthly donation.
Please select the preferred amount you want to donate.

*After clicking "Donate", the site will lead you to "ROBOT PAYMENT" to complete your payment process.

Change your information or stop your donation

If you would like to change your address, email address, credit card information, or cancel your donation, please contact us using this form.

One Time ONLY

You could choose your amount whenever you would like to donate.
Input your donation amount in the space below and click Donate.
Donation amount request is listed below.


*Donation Amount is from 1,000JPY to 100,000JPY.
*After clicking "Donate", the site will lead you to "ROBOT PAYMENT" to complete your payment process.

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