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Donate Emergency Food:Corporations / Organizations

Food banks are a safe and trustworthy alternative
to destroying emergency food that has not reached its expiration date.

We work with everyone along the food supply chain.
We have signed over 2,500 donor agreements since 2002.

Donation Guidelines

Please read and comply with the below guidelines.


1. Expiration dates:

  • All processed food must have an expiration date
  • We do not accept expired food. Depending on the type of food and quantity, we may require a minimal amount of shelf life in order for it to be distributed before expiring.

2. Types of emergency food do not accept:

  • Kanpan (hard biscuit with sugar cubes)
  • Emergency food that does not have an ingredient label in Japanese
  • Water

3. Donation quantity:

  • No minimum amount
  • For large donations we may need to make special arrangements

4. Donation Method:

  • We ask the donor to make delivery arrangements and cover the costs. We will inform you which warehouse to deliver to.

5. Who your food will support:

  • Donated food items will ultimately be provided to welfare facilities such as orphanages, single-parent support organizations, facilities for the disabled, food pantries, faith-based organizations, and individuals in need.

6. Receipts

  • If you would like an official receipt, we can provide you a PDF formatted receipt via email.

Donation Process


FAQ / Inquiries

  • Answers to frequently
    asked questions.

  • If you have any questions,
    please feel free to contact us.

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