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Enjoy these videos documenting
Second Harvest Japan activities.

Our Focus

Brief Introduction

food for all people


  • Second Harvest Japan

    This is an introductory video of Second Harvest Japan created by Lucas Savathian and Marina Senderos Garcia, who supported our activities as interns.

  • Japan Platform (JPF) official YouTube program

    (Japanese only)

    2HJ appears on JPF official YouTube program “Social Good Times”! Our activities are introduced along with feedback from staff, volunteers, and users.


  • TV documentary

    In collaboration with New Skin Japan

    The TV documentary, “For Smiles - Food Aid for Children” was filmed with partner company, New Skin Japan, and broadcast on MXTV1 on June 19, 2021. The program featured the making of food packages, mothers and children receiving the food, and children at a welfare facility.CEO Charles McJilton shared his thoughts on the organization from its establishment to the present and the future. (Japanese only)

  • marugohan

    The spirit of giving back is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. This short video introduces this concept as it comes to life in marugohan.


  • Our goal is to create a “food lifeline” and “food safety-net” throughout the country.

    We are shaping a new environment in which anyone can access the food they need in their own community.

  • marugohan - a new style of market!

    Marugohan is a new style of market where people receive food not by paying money, but by doing good deeds. We launched marugohan in November 2019 to provide a more comfortable and user-friendly pantry service for those in need of food support.


  • Expo2020 Dubai : marugohan selected

    Over 11,000 organizations applied for a Global Innovation Grant as a part of ExpoLive and only 135 were chosen. We are proud marugohan was selected and we had an opportunity to showcase this to the world during the exhibition.

  • Volunteer Driver's Story

    Volunteers play a key role in making sure food gets to the agencies we serve. (Japanese only)


  • Three Big Myths

    This video was made to address fundamental misunderstandings of food loss and food waste.


  • Introducing a food safety-net

    An introduction to our concept of a food safety-net.
    (Japanese only)