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Report of McAfee’s Global Community Service Day

On May 16th, employees from McAfee helped us to make food packages. In the afternoon, some of our staff members visited McAfee’s Shibuya office to give a presentation on 2HJ’s activities for employees who could not participate in the package program.

McAfee holds a “Global Community Service Day” every year, a day which employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities in their respective local communities.  This year in Japan, Global Community Service Day happened to be on May 16th.

DSC03502-300x168 - コピー - コピー

Putting food items into packages



We put a variety of food items in the packages: rice, seasoning, pre-cooked food etc.



With the help of McAfee volunteers, in a single day we made 248 packages for Tohoku earthquake survivors!

One of the volunteer leaders of our weekly soup kitchen, Hirose-san, as well as our interns Azuma-san and Cahill-san also participated in the afternoon presentation at McAfee.

We asked Hirose-san to give a speech on how our soup kitchen works, why he started volunteering at 2HJ and his thoughts on 2HJ.


Hirose-san talking about his thoughts passionately

We staff members are able to run 2HJ due to the kindness of our volunteers, our donors, corporations, our interns, agencies and many more people.

We wish even more people to know about our work, and moreover, we wish to become an even more exciting organization with a mission that makes everybody happy.

Thank you to everybody at McAfee who joined us today for the first time. We assure you that the 248 boxes that you packed will safely arrive at the homes of the earthquake survivors’.

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