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Commercial Donors

No one likes to see food needlessly destroyed, least of all those in the food industry. We can provide a safe way for food to be redistributed to those in need that protects the donor’s brand and assures the product does not go back into the market.

Donation Process

  • Confirmation of reason for donation, volume, expiration, location, and warehousing requirements (dry, chill, or frozen).

  • We exchange a Letter of Agreement that spells out the basic responsibilities of the donor and Second Harvest Japan.

  • We will provide confirmation of delivery to one of our warehouses

  • Donation is delivered to agencies depending on needs of agencies and designation of donor.

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Donating Emergency Supplies

“I’m not a food manufacturer, but I do have emergency supplies that I am thinking of donating...”
We often get this question from companies and individuals. You can view more information regarding this topic below.

For those considering other forms of support...

Please see the Corporate Cooperation section of this website

Individuals who wish to donate...

We accept donations from individuals.
We are particularly in need of the following products:

  • Rice and Pasta
  • Freeze Dried Foods
  • Processed Foods (Canned Goods, ect...)
  • Instant Foods, Foods in Ready-Made Packs
  • Gift Sets (Gifts and Souveniers such as Oseibo, Ochugen, ect...)
  • Cooking Supplies (Miso, soy sauce, dashi, ect...)
  • Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Juice ect...)

We accept individuals donations Tuesday – Friday and can be sent to

Second Harvest Japan
1F Mizuta Bldg 4-5-1 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053

Important points to check before sending your donation.

Product has an expiration date that is clearly labeled. Products from overseas sometimes use manufacturing codes for expiration dates. Unfortunately, we cannot use these donations.
There is more than one month remaining before the expiration of your product.
Product is unopened and the packaging is in good condition.

  • ※We do not require or request that you contact us when you send donations.
  • ※We do not accept COD deliveries
  • ※We prefer polished rice if at all possible.

If you have any concerns regarding donation, please contact us.

E-mail:Please click here to contact us by email:
“Inquiry Regarding Individual Donations”

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