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An Interview with one of 2HJ’s Partner Agencies

2HJ Intern Takao Okamoto interviewed the supervisor of one of agencies supported by 2HJ.

2HJ delivers food supplies to approximately 300 organizations and facilities each month. 2HJ intern Takao Okamoto went with the delivery team to interview Mr. Kozo Matsumoto, the supervisor of one of the dorms owned by a welfare agency in Shinjuku.

This home provides care and support to children who were raised in foster homes, orphanages or other youth support facilities, but have finished compulsory education and are no longer allowed to remain within those facilities. These youth are unable to obtain supports from their family members, and must fend for themselves.

This agency also provides counseling services, advice and support for living independently, gaining employment and preparing for real world.  Second Harvest Japan delivers fresh food, beverages, snacks, and other food supplies to this agency twice a month.

On the delivery to this agency on March 11th, we asked the representative of this support agency to talk to us a bit about food banking and the agency’s relationship with 2HJ

Q: How do you utilize the food supplies received from Second Harvest Japan?

A: We mainly use supplies from the food bank to prepare meals for the children that we support.  We also distribute them to people who used to live our facility and still need some assistance.

Q: What are some of the effects of receiving food supplies from food banks?

A: The food we receive from Second Harvest makes up about 20% of the food consumed at our facility. This is quite a large support for us. We really appreciate the efforts of the delivery staff and the support of the companies who donate these supplies to the food bank.


This picture shows a section of the facility’s food storage area. This is a large storage area and supplies are organized so that the expiration dates are always visible. Hence, the agency can ensure that all supplies from the food bank are used safely, properly, and before they expire.


This is a picture of some of the food supplies which 2HJ has delivered to the facility. Originally these products were going to be thrown away, but now the facility uses them to prepare delicious meals for the children, which the children really enjoy. These food supplies have been given a second life and are now great help to these growing children.

To the members of the agencies who took precious time out from their busy days to speak with me, thank you very much!

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