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Progress report on relief work to support people affected by torrential rain in western Japan




We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the people affected by torrential rain and landslides in western Japan, which occurred in July 2018.

Soon after it became apparent that the torrential rain had disrupted infrastructure and we received a direct call for support. We dispatched our 4-ton truck with aid to Mihara City and Nnoshima Island.



1.Donation of foods and drinks

We brought food, drinks and other relief goods to the affected areas upon requests from local governments and emergency relief organizations.


1) Wednesday, July 25 – Sent a truck to Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures 

●   49 cases of bottled water (392 1.5ℓ-bottles) to Ninoshima area in Hiroshima-City

●   58 cases of bottled woo long tea (1392 bottles), 1200 packages of prepared white rice, and new two cases of new t-shirts to Mihara-City, Hiroshima

●   1200 1.5ℓ-bottles, 1320 packages of prepared white rice meals, and 34 cases of freeze-dried rice (1700 meals) to Kurashiki-City, Okayama


01 2HJ’s truck arriving in Ninoshima area


02Foods and drinks delivered to Mihara-City



Emergency rice donated by Fukushima Prefecture


2) Friday, August 3 – Sent a truck to Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures

●   200 cases of vegetable juice (4800 drinks) to Sakamachi, Hiroshima

●   50 cases of children’s tea (600 drinks), one case of salt candy, 97 cases of assorted vegetable juice (1728 drinks) to Mihara-City, Hiroshima

●   10 cases of freeze-dried rice (500 meals), 25 cases of bottled drinking water (200 1.5ℓ-bottles), and one case of salt candy Sasaoka-City, Okayama

●   50 cases of fruit juice for small children (600 drinks), 80 cases of bottled drinking wate (640 1.5ℓ-bottles), paper cups, and 50 cases of bottled tea (600 bottles) to Kurashiki-City, Okayama

●   48 cases of bottled tea 48 (576 bottles), 54 cases of fruit juice for small children (648 drinks), and 52 cases of assorted vegetable juice (600 cases) to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Okayama Church


04 Relief goods delivered to Sakamachi town hall


05 2HJ truck arriving at Mihara-City, Hiroshima


06 Preparing soup kitchen at a shelter in Sasaoka-City


※These relief supplies came from our current donors. We also received other relief supplies from the Fukushima Prefecture government.


2.Assessing needs

We spoke staff of relief organizations, volunteers, as well as affected people about the current situation, and their needs for support. This a partial list of items the identified:


●   Teas and sports supplement drinks are appreciated

●   Vegetable juice is appreciated since it is difficult to have fresh vegetables at shelters.

●   Many people want to go back home since there is little privacy at shelters.

●   It is expected that there will be a need for a soup kitchen after shelters are closed.

●   It is not clear what the situation is for those who have not evacuated.


※ We have received the donation from Japan Platform to be used for some activities mentioned above.



With regards to the progress of disaster relief and recovery, the situation at shelters and for those who have returned is continuously changing and the support needs are becoming more and more wide-ranging. Based on our past experience in previous disasters, we expect that we will be facing more needs for food support during the recovery and rebuilding phases. If people have food security they can concentrate on getting themselves back on their feet.


We will continue to try assess what the needs of those affected are and make necessary preparations to meet such needs from mid- and long-term perspectives.

We are committed to building a food safety-net in our community under the slogan of “Food for all people,” and our effort to support people affected by torrential rain in western Japan is a part of our activities to achieve that goal. We appreciate your continued support. It is a great help for people in need to make a positive step in their lives.


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