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Kspace Charity Picnic Raised close to ¥1M for 2HJ!

On May 12, families from the Kspace International School community flocked to OOi Futo Koen to celebrate the beginning of summer and Mothers’ Day. Approximately 300 parents attended this charity event, which was the 3rd large fundraiser for Second Harvest Japan by the school.


A massive total of 766,000 yen was raised through an auction of works of art made by student-teacher collaborations!  Quite impressive works by very talented and creative team!!   Thank you, Kspace parents, for making such generous bids.

In addition, 228,140 yen was raised for the delicious BBQ’d food plates and donated baked goods that were on sale.  GRAND TOTAL = 994,140 yen!   What a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of summer and Mothers’ Day!!

Kspace has done a number of projects to support many charitable organizations, and we are so lucky to be among the one to work with Kspace Community.  We think it is wonderful that kids, parents and teachers are involved in the collaborative efforts in serving those in need, and especially the kids to learn social issues and help.  Thank you so much!!

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