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Interview with our Summer Intern

Mr. Doi Mikihiro, a junior at International Christian University, interned at Second Harvest Japan from April to June. He served as an intern two times a week by assisting at the Harvest Pantry and Saitama Warehouse. He was interested in the causes of food loss in Japan and particularly how Japan was dealing with this problem.


At first, Mr. Mikihiro’s interest was focused on food loss, but during and after his internship at 2HJ, he realized that the problems of food loss were significantly intertwined with urban poverty as well. After delving deeper into this issue, he realized that the root of food loss lies in the economic system of Japan as a whole.


He also learned that it is of utmost importance to encourage greater public awareness. Many companies do not have a wealth of information in regards to what to do with food surplus, which prompted him to think about the importance of getting organizations like 2HJ more well known throughout Japan. Additionally, there must be an informed balance between local wards in Japan recommending citizens to utilize such services that 2HJ offers, and aiding these very citizens to also be able to live independently.


Mr. Mikihiro said that it was a very valuable internship, as he was unaware of most of the intricacies of food loss and poverty. He believes that Japanese citizens are most definitely receptive upon explanation to the idea of food banking, as demonstrated by the reactions from those around him.


Thank you Mr. Mikihiro for sharing your thoughts and experiences from your 2HJ internship!

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