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Volunteer interview No. 3: Kanoko Uegaki

For the third interview of our series of Volunteer to Volunteer Interviews, Cylinda Marquart talks to Waseda University volunteer, Kanoko Uegaki about how she became involved with 2HJ and her plans for the future.

Q: How did you hear about 2HJ?

A: I’m a full-time student studying Cultural Anthropology of Sport at Waseda University but I also work part-time in a coffee shop in Chiba. From time to time we throw a lot of food away and I think, “mottainai”, or “What a waste!”  That was when I heard about 2HJ from a friend of mine and started volunteering here regularly in April.  I usually join in on Friday cooking activities and also help pick-up food donations. I’ve also helped serve food to recipients in Ueno Park.

Volunteer story 3 - 1

Q: I’ve heard you speaking very fluent Chinese while we cut vegetables, can you tell us more about that?

A: I’ve been studying Mandarin for the last one and a half years at Waseda and in September I will move to Beijing to study at Beijing University. I’m hoping to improve my language skills as well as introduce Chinese people to Japan. After the 2008 Olympics, many young Chinese became interested in volunteering and the world around them. I’d like to meet some of these people and join their volunteer activities as well as travel. In the future, I’d like a career in the media that bridges our two countries.

Volunteer story 3 - 2

Q:  What does the food that 2HJ prepare taste like?  I’ve heard the donuts are good!

A: The donuts and other bread we pick-up on Fridays are excellent! The soup is really tasty, too. A few months ago we served a chanko-nabe which was good enough to sell in a restaurant.  The Saturday soup kitchen menu usually includes potato salad, pickles, bread, rice, soup and even dessert.  This summer I’m hoping to pass out the cold ice cream!

Q: What do you like about 2HJ?

I like meeting other volunteers. We come from many different backgrounds and ages that include cooks, teachers, retirees, business people and one of our members who you can see on a TV drama as an extra.

(Postscript by Cylinda)

2HJ wishes Kanoko-san, ‘good luck & safe travels’ for her time in China. We’ll miss her sense of humor and positive attitude while she is away.

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