What you can do

The structure of using food as a societal contribution

Provide assistance
by donating food

Creating a framework to change society
and utilize food that would otherwise be wasted

The goal of this project is to provide enough food for 100,000 people,
which is estimated to require over 5,000 tons. Please consider working with us in aiming
to create a system that can change society and utilize food that would otherwise be wasted.

Support example

SEIYU/Walmart Japan: Program to use surplus food started by a passionate part-time employee

A part-time worker's idea started SEIYU/Walmart Japan's food donations in 2009. Every day, food that had exceeded its sell-by date but was still edible was being thrown away. Unable to look past this waste, both as an employee and as a mother, this part-time worker asked if the food could be used in some way. This became the impetus for donating food. In addition to its regular donations, Seiyu partners also donate vegetables and bananas.

Danone Japan: Nutritious food for children

Danone Japan regularly sends product directly from its factory to children facilities with its own vehicles. Delivering perishable products like yogurt requires extra attention. These highly nutritious products are very popular with the children. The president of Danone Japan, senior management and employees have all volunteered with us

KELLOGG (JAPAN): "Breakfasts for Better Days"™ program

Kellogg is committed to food security around the globe. In 2016 Kellogg (Japan) started donating some 200 cases of cereal each month. On World Food Day (October 16th) employees volunteered with us to pack 3,000 boxes of cereal for children in need. This breakfast cereal will support the nutrition needs of these children.