How to support

Donate Money

Donate Money

Automatic Monthly Donation

In order to keep our food banking activities stable and sustainable, we ask for your continuous support. We accept donations starting from 30 yen a day.

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  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • JCB

One Time Donation

With our one time donation option, you can donate however much you want, whenever you want.

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2. Donate by Bank or Post Office Transfer

You can transfer funds into either of the following accounts.

Post Office Account

  • Account Name:2hj
  • Account Number:00120-7-171027

Bank Account

  • Bank Name:Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Yoga Shuchojo (762)
  • Account Type: Regular (Futsu)
  • Account Number:3647565
  • Account Name:Second Harvest Japan

※ We ask that those who donate by bank transfer contact and inform us of your name and donation amount. When we have received your donation, we will send you a confirmation.

3. Donate by Check, Postal Transfer or Rice Stamps

We ask that you send your check, postal transfer and rice stamps to the following address:
Second Harvest Japan
1F Mizuta Bld, 4-5-1 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053

4. Tax-deductible donations for US taxpayers

Donations made through our sister organization, Second Harvest Asia, are tax-deductible. See for more information.

Currently we are unable to accept donations via PayPal. Please use the credit card donation form above.

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