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A heart warming story about a Real Estate Agent…

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A Story about a Real Estate Agent…

When I went out on a delivery recently I noticed that a real estate agency was listed amongst the names of facilities who receive goods from Second Harvest Japan.


I wondered why in the world would be delivering to a real estate agent.


When I asked about this particular real estate agency, this is the answer that I received:


Real estate agencies are the first to know when someone is struggling to pay rent.This particular real estate agency does not immediately throw out individuals who are unable to make rent. Instead, they try to help tenants by distributing 2HJ food so those struggling individuals might be able to get back on their feet.


Our job is to provide food to those in need.

However locating those in need and learning of their specific needs is a huge task that we cannot accomplish alone.


Every person has their own specific skills, sees the world from their own unique perspective and encounters singular experiences along the way. Therefore, there things that only a certain person can. And other things that only another person can accomplish. We at Second Harvest Japan are proud to support so many different people who are in turn support many others


We like to think that building a better future starts with the world around you.


Honoka Ohashi, 2HJ Intern

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