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Lecture to 190 Students at Higashi Murayama Junior High School

  • Public Speaking


2HJ’s PR representative conducted a lecture for 190 students at Tokyo’s Higashi Murayama Daigo Junior High School on Wednesday, March 13th.


Students only have 3 days remaining until graduation.


Rumi Ide first explained about food loss and food banking.


Then she introduced the results of a questionaire that students had filled out the week before about their ideal body type and shape, as well as their favorite foods.


Ide then explained which food should be eaten to achieve ones idea body size and shape. For example, if someone wants to be taller, then they should eat foods that are high in calcium, which will help their bones grow strong and stimulate growth hormones.


One of the questions included in the questionaire was “what sort of skin would you like to have?” The number one ranking skin for boys at the school was “beautiful skin.” This result made everyone laugh, from the students themselves to the teachers. Even the principal had a good laugh.


Lastly, Ide explained about her own career, from her childhood and the loss of a parent, to the present.

In “Planned Happenstance Theory,” by John D. Krumboltz of Stanford University, Krumboltz states that there are many “happenings” in life, and that careers are born by changing those “happenings” into “opportunities.” Ide spoke briefly on this topic, and the students who are days away their graduation ceremony, as well as awaiting the results from their high school entrance exams, announced that afternoon, his words struck a chord.


This is the last time that all 190 third grade students will gather together before their graduation ceremony.

It was truly an honor to the featured speaker at such an important event. 2HJ is grateful to be included in one of the last memories that students will have of their junior high school years.

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