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August 5th, 2013 We Provided 150 Meals at our Monthly Soup Kitchen at the Last Earthquake Shelter!

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On August 5th 2013, we hosted our 15th monthly soup kitchen at the last Tohoku Earthquake Shelter in Japan.

We used ingredients we received from corporations.


Today’s menu was udon noodles.

We put okra, Japanese Mountain Yam, Eggs, Seaweed on the cold noodles, and poured cold fish-broth soup on them; a perfect menu for the summer!

We also distributed an energy drink provided by Starbucks Coffee Japan. The drink contains elixir of raw coffee beans. It tasted great!


From Haagen-Daz Japan, we received a donation of green tea ice cream to provide to those living at the shelter.


There are still 107 people living in this shelter (numbers retrieved from document Number of Evacuees published by the Agency of Reconstruction. Data from July 30th, 2013.)

The average age of evacuees is somewhere in the 70s.


Everybody told us that the food we provided were delicious.

These kinds of words make our job worthwhile doing.


It is soon going to be 2 years and 5 months since the Tohoku Earthquake.

There are still 294,000 people nation-wide who are living away from home, due to the earthquake and the nuclear disaster.

We hope that the day that all of these people can live in peace will be in the near future.


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