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Japan Release of Taste the Waste (a Documentary Film on Food Loss) is on September 21st!

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The documentary film Taste the Waste is going to be released in Japan!

The movie will be released at September 21st.

More information below:

From September 21st, Saturday – Tokyo City Photograph Museum Hall, Nagoya Meiyen Theater

From mid-October – Shibuya Up-link

From November 2nd, Saturday – Oosaka Theater Umeda


There is a trailer uploaded on You Tube.

Feel free to link the site.

The book version WASTE :Uncovering Global Food Scandals is translated and published from Shunju-sha.

It is co-written by a German journalist and Valentin Thurn, the director of the film mentioned above.

mottainai 2

The Gohan(food or rice in Japanese) Film Festival will be hosted in Tokyo and Osaka this fall. (Last year’s website)

So much to look forward to!

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