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July 5th is World Environment Day! Let’s Utilize Food Banks in order to Reduce Food Waste

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July 5th is World Environment Day.

World Environment day was established in memorial of United Nations Human Environment Conference held in Stockholm on July 5th 1972.




According to the Japanese Ministry of Environment’s home page, the United Nations established World Environment Day following a recommendation from the Japanese government.

The month of June is Environmental Month; in celebration of Environmental Month, many environment related events will be held all over Japan.

2HJ works with the Environment Office of Tokyo and Tokyo Minato Ward 3R Promotion Conference and participates in environment-related activities such as seminars and exhibitions.


3R is a slogan that promotes the three concepts below:




The highest priority amongst the three concepts is ‘Reduce.’ When food companies donate their items to food banks, the amount that they have donated will count as “reducing” food loss.

MAFF has established specific goals for food waste reduction for different food industries.

When food companies donate to food banks, they are more likely to meet these goals.


It is a corporation’s responsibility to protect the environment. We hope that more food companies will look into donating to food banks. 

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