1. Harvest Kitchen

We distribute hot meals at Ueno Park each Saturday.

2. Harvest Pantry

We provide emergency groceries to households in need of assistance. We have three distribution methods:

  1. ①Direct distribution at our warehouse
  2. ②Care packages sent directly to recipients
  3. ③Mobile pantry – distribution at designated locations



A new style of market where instead of paying money you do a good deed to shop for food.We created a clean and open environment, just like a supermarket, to give our members a shopping experience.

Our goal is to provide access to food in a way that brings happiness and joy, and creates a virtuous cycle of receiving and giving back.
About our name: maru = circle, satisfaction and cycle + gohan = meal and food.

“Ongaeshi” (repay a kindness) is a value in Japan. Many people come and shop at marugohan. We believe this approach reminds people they too can give back when they receive. Showing gratitude gives people a quiet sense of confidence and creates a connection to society.

>WEB: marugohan


3. Food Banking

We receive food donations from manufacturers, importers, retailers, and farmers for distribution to welfare agencies, nonprofits and faith-based groups that provide social services to those in need.

4. Advocacy & Development

We promote food banking in Japan and in the region through various activities. Since 2008 we annually conduct a “Food Bank Caravan” in which we travel throughout Japan visiting local food banks and communities interested in starting a food bank. We have also assisted in the development of food banking in the Philippines since 2007 both in providing technical assistance and sending aid. We have a standing memo of understanding with the Republic of the Philippines Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSDW).

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