December 2022

Okinawa Usagamisore Project


There was a great response to this 2HJ support.
This is because the support was not only for single parent families, but also for widows.
At the end of the year, there must have been some anxiety about whether they would be able to celebrate the New Year safely, but everyone came with big smiles on their faces, carrying rice and a lot of food. Their heartfelt thanks warmed our hearts.
At the homes where we delivered the food in person, we received tea and sweets and received updates on what was going on, creating a bonding experience. We would like to thank everyone who made such an opportunity possible.
We are always concerned only about mothers and their children, but I felt again that we also should think about widows who are alone and lonely. The widows reported that they had given some of the foods to the lonely elderly people next door.


We would like to use the words of the recipients, “I felt like I wasn’t left out of society,” as a guideline for us in the future.