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Charles E. McJilton


This job is a once in a lifetime opportunity: pioneering a new concept in a unique way with great people. Japan has given me so much. This is a small way to give back. My secret in life is eating plenty of SPAM.

Kazuhisa Masuda

Food Bank Team/Manager
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene

As I lived in Italy for long, I became fond of a culture of cherishing things such as enjoying dusty yellow books. So, I naturally started getting involved in activities of taking care of "food" and distributing it to the needy. I now make every effort to get any closer to an ideal of "food for all".

Satomi Degami

Volunteer Coordinator

I would like to develop ways volunteers can be more involved in 2HJ, combining my own volunteer experiences with “mottainai” sprit, as Osaka native. A friend was a volunteer leader, so family started volunteering at 2HJ once my son was old enough. I recently joined 2HJ after a career in consulting and finance.

Hiromi Ishikawa

Office Manager

I am a rookie who was found by 2HJ in an unpredicted way when I had a hard time to get a job at my age. 2HJ recognized that my former career worked for them. Actually I did not know anything about activities of 2HJ, so I have been surprised and puzzled everyday since I joined 2HJ. I really respect the kindness of 2HJ staff and volunteers. My favorite food is Buntan from my birthplace!

Toshie Kanazawa

Manager / General Affairs

I know 2HJ since from 6 years ago as a volunteer of ex-company. Now leaning the way to avoid wasting the foods, support the people as a Admin staff from Dec 2015. Also starting to know many warm hearted peoples here as Volunteers, donators and the colleagues.

Sachika Takeda

Harvest Kitchen
Registered Dietitian

I first learned about food bank from a documentary film, when I worked for a company cafeteria. It was eye opening, and my curiosity lead me to contact 2HJ and became a volunteer. I believe that food 2HJ serves has a lot more than “nutrition values” printed on label.

Hiroshi Aita

Facilities Manager

A place to eat sleep and live.... No one can live without food. I work here because I’ve always loved cooking and eating. I came to Second Harvest Japan after a career in IT. I also love kitties.

Akiko Sugiyama

Pantry Coordinator/Manager

Before joining 2HJ, I worked at a shelter for women and children. 2HJ’s effect on those mothers and their children was greater than simply the food it provided. I want to make sure that 2HJ keeps providing not only food, but the sense that “someone cares for me and I am not alone.”

Yuji Shibata

Pantry Coordinator

I had always been interested in food loss, so when I read about 2HJ in the newspaper I thought, “I have to be a part of this!” and immediately began volunteering by delivering food to welfare agencies. I joined 2HJ as staff after the Tohoku disaster, and I am now struggling along as the leader of the Ishinomaki Project.

Matsuda Tomoko


2HJ develops a chain of mutual support, distributing surplus food to those in need. Empathizing with these activities, I registered as volunteer when I retired from my career in the cosmetics industry. I contribute my humble efforts, seeking the realization of a society in which everybody has enough to eat.

Kanai Masashi


I have been working at 2HJ since June 2016. I am grateful to all of the truly wonderful people that I have met here, staff members and volunteers alike. I honestly feel joy when I see 2HJ guests' smile. 2HJ is hope!

Reika Ito

Reika Ito

Food Bank team
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene/Warehouse Manager

After 3.11 I decided to get involved with social problems. I joined 2hj after graduating from university. It is great to see food destined for the dumpster have their value restored and consumed by people. Since starting here my arms have become bigger from all the carrying of boxes.

Yoko Sakamoto

Food Bank team
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene

I have always felt a sense of regret about food waste, especially when there are those in need. Those feelings eventually led me to 2HJ. With my prior “sales” experience and “mom” power (3 kids including twins), I would like to build a better infrastructure that would make both donors and recipients happy!

Takashi Matsumoto

Food Bank team

After retirement, I first joined as a volunteer driver after learning about 2HJ on TV, as a way of giving back. Gratitudes expressed by recipients were so rewarding. I did not hesitate to apply to become a staff of Food Bank department with hope to be more involved.

Akiko Kikuchi

Food Bank team

I returned to 2HJ in October 2015 after taking a leave to nurse a family member. Time goes by, but I try not to forget my first resolution and enjoy working as a proud staff at 2HJ, the first food bank in Japan. Be positive and have fun - and make everyone happy!

Hiroaki Takahashi

Hiroaki Takahashi

Food Bank Team
Large-sized motor vehicle second-class license

After I got to know about 2HJ in a TV program, I signed up for the food delivery volunteer. I soon wanted to be committed more to this wonderful activity of distributing food that is doomed to be wasted to those in need. I became a paid worker there. Now I distribute food in a two-ton truck every day.

Masao Kinjo

Masao Kinjo

Food Bank Team

I got to know about 2HJ in an NHK radio program, when I worked for my former employer. Charles's talk in the program made me realize that food bank is really suitable for me, a man who is no good for anything but heavy physical work. Since then I have worked for 2HJ.

Suzuki Shigeaki

Food Bank Team

In August 2011, while volunteering at Ishinomaki, I met Shibata-san from 2HJ, and as such, I learned about food banks. Returning to Tokyo, I immediately registered to volunteer with 2HJ. The smiles and gratitude of recipients blow away my fatigue. I volunteer at the Kanagawa warehouse and at Asakusabashi.

Hayashi Koichi

Food Bank Team

Food resources are becoming exhausted, there are people who fear for tomorrow’s meal, yet millions of tons of safe & edible food are discarded daily. While there are limits what 2HJ can do, I hope our activities and our message can influence people, change mindsets, and result in a reduction of food loss.

Iruma Tanaka

Advocacy and Development/Manager

Food is a pleasure. Food is what keeps you alive and healthy. Imagine if you are broke in Japan and have nobody to rely on. You would have no access to food and your life would be threatened. That is not the kind of society I want the children in Japan to be raised so I'm working here to make a change.

Mana Nishioka

Advocacy and Development

Traveled South Asia to see and know about the reality of poverty. However the more I visit and see the realities I realized poverty and other social problems exist even in Japan. After working at a Japanese company, joined the Second Harvest Japan from this year. Loves ethnic food and traveling Asia.

Kawada Akira

Kumamoto Project Manager

Kumamoto is my mother’s birth place. In fact my grandmother's residence became a base for support activity. Leveraging my five years of experience with 2HJ, I do my best to establish a sustainable support framework, working closely with support groups and administrative authorities.

Nakashima Hidetaka

Nakashima Hidetaka

Kumamoto Project

Upon graduating from university, I returned home to Oomota-shi (Fukuoka pref) in order to establish a foodbank. Then, the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake occurred. I worked as a 2HJ onsite-staff member in Kumamoto and acquired much know-how regarding food bank operation. By profession, I am a Karate instructor.

Maeda Toshiyuki

Kumamoto Project

I lived in Fukushima when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. I came to know of food banks through their support activities there. While receiving support, I thought that I myself would like to give back someday. Thus, I applied to the 2HJ Kumamoto Project. It has been a wonderfully happy experience.

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