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Harvest News 2012 Vol. 2


Here is the second volume of our 2012 newsletter! This 6-page issue reports the results of our logistics assessment, describes the implementation of our new QR code tracking system, announces changes to the 1/3 rule and much more!

Harvest News 2012 Vol. 1


The first volume of the 2012 Harvest News! It features a report on our March symposia as well as thank-you letters from victims of the Tohoku disaster!

2011 Harvest News Issue 2


The second volume of our 2011 newsletter is a report of our 2011 activities. Join us in looking back at a year that proved to be full of obstacles and challenges.

2011 Harvest News Issue 1


The volume 1 of our 2011 newsletter gives a report of our Tohoku disaster support activities. We received more than 400 tons of food donations from individuals and companies. We wish to thank everyone for your incredible support.


Comics by Roberto De Vido

Communication specialist Roberto De Vido, (Visit Roberto’s site here.) created comics presenting our activities. These comics help to explain what we do on a daily basis.

Comics introducing staff

PR Representative Rumi Ide’s Life The Story of Rumi Ide

During the time Rumi Ide worked as PR representative at Kellogg Japan, she worked with 2HJ’s executive director and staff to arrange donated product. She moved to 2HJ as a direct result of the disaster on March 11, 2011.

Tsuyoshi Kurosawa’s Life Before Second Harvest Japan

Find out how and why staff member Tsuyoshi Kurosawa decided to join Second Harvest Japan!


Fudo banku to iu chosen
The Challenge of Food Banks

Etsuko Ehara/Iwanami Publishing 2008 1,995 JPY

Daishinsai no naka de――
Watashitachi ha nani wo subeki ka

Katsuto Uchihashi/Iwanami Publishing 2011 861 JYP

Sekai kara ue wo owaraseru tame no jyuusan no houhou

Makoto Katsumata (Supervisor) NPO Hunger Free World (Editor) 2012 1,365 JPY

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