What you can do

The foundation of all our activities.

Providing help by assisting
with the management
of pick-up location

Would you like to provide support by helping us
manage the new storage locations?

In January 2017, a new storage was opened in the city of Yashio in Saitama as the start and supporting foundation of this project.
To expand the food safety-net it was essential that we improved our ability to accept food items.
This pick-up location allows for a larger number of possible donations to be accepted even faster.
Won't you consider helping us manage these locations while experiencing a dynamic distribution environment!?

This warehouse was established with support from the “Children's Future Support Fund”

Support example

Mr. Nagamine: Two steps ahead to make best use of finite space

"While I primarily keep the warehouse in order, I leverage the food experience of support staff. Every day, I picture people happily eating the food that I have stacked and arranged. I hope to bring a little happiness to those who receive our support so that they in turn can make others happy. This is my way to, 'Pay it forward.' I'm happy to try to help change the world."

Ms. Tabata: Efficiently dealing with large quantities of data.

"After learning that 1 in 6 children in Japan live in poverty, I felt that I had to do something and so I started volunteering in the food bank section helping with admin. Previously, when I volunteered at an international NGO I didn’t have any contact with the people whom we were helping. But now I can distribute food directly. Although I can’t do much in the way of physical labor, I hope I can help."

Related information

Opening of new warehouse
to increase capacity and reach

To support the development of a food safety-net, we needed to increase our capacity. At the end of the year we opened a new warehouse in Yashio Saitama (just north of Adachi-ku, Tokyo). This location will be used to accept and store large volumes of food. It will also be used as a pickup point for low-income households in the surrounding community.

We actively support programs
for children

In 2015 the Cabinet launched, "The Children's Future Support Movement" to address child poverty. The Nippon Foundation was selected to administer the funds through its, "Children's Support Project." We received funding to increase our capacity to accept and deliver food. We also will use funds to further develop a food safety-net to reach those children in need. We will continue to make the most of our current network of government organizations, NPOs, and the food industry.