What you can do

A place where food can be received whenever

Providing support
by establishing a pick-up location

At times when there is no food,
a place close to home where food can be received

Pick-up locations are places where anyone can receive food during a time of need.
The primary goal of this project is to establish as many pick-up locations as possible within a city.
2HJ has prepared support for the establishment and management of pick-up locations.
For those that would like to receive food support from 2HJ and carry out their own pick-up activates,
please contact us using the appropriate form.

The following must be prepared to establish a pick-up location

  • 1

    A vehicle to receive
    food shipments

    A vehicle is required so that food items
    can be received from 2HJ.

  • 2

    Food storage / A location
    where items can be provided

    An area at the pick-up location where food items
    can be stored, that's also wide enough
    to provide food, is required.

  • 3

    Operational assistance

    Volunteers are necessary to provide assistance
    and management at the pick-up location.

The flow to establish a pick-up

  • Step 01

    Contact us with your desire
    to establish a pick-up

    Please contact us with information from the appropriate form pertaining to the pick-up location and details about your desire to establish one. Any additional questions can be asked here.

  • Step 02

    Establishing a kick-off meeting

    A meeting will be set-up between those wishing to create a pick-up location and 2HJ, and a concrete plan and series of steps will be decided for the time leading up to the opening.

  • Step 03

    Recruiting volunteers and
    preparing food items

    Because there is work involving the transportation of food items at the pick-up location, volunteers to manage it are required in advance. These volunteers will also store the provided food and prepare it for distribution.

  • Step 04

    Opening of the pick-up location

    Congratulations on your opening!
    This is the start of a huge step towards providing food to 100,000 people!

Support example

Support local residents with foodFood Bank Hachioji

As an organization that supports locals in need, Food Bank Hachioji carries out pantry pick-ups. In cooperation with the Hachioji municipality's assistance services, those in need are introduced and 2HJ provides food items. Food Bank Hachioji provides food assistance in a unique fashion built off of 2HJ's pantry pick-up program.

From those providing help to helping those in needFood Bank Shibuya

Food Bank Shibuya's pantry is located 3-minutes walking distance from Shibuya Station. Originally, food was provided to those with difficult living conditions that would come to the church; however, there are many people living in the Shibuya area that require food. As of April 2017, we've partnered with the Shibuya ward office to work in providing food to residents in need.

Assistance provided to mothers residing near the pick-up locationAdachi district parenting organization Palette

Since October 2016, the Adachi district nonprofit parenting organization Palette has been providing pantry pick-up services to local single mothers. As a result of the welcoming atmosphere, many mothers raising families are using these services. Currently services are provided once a month, with reservations filling up every time within moments. Palette does more than provide food, they speak with the mothers, listen to concerns related to raising their children, and provide necessary information. Palette isn't just popular because food is provided, but also additional help and consultation. The staff aims to create a supportive local environment where mothers are not isolated, and instead greets them every time with a smile.