What you can do

Receiving food from families

Support via food drives

"Food drives" are food gathered
by families and donated.

For families that have purchased too many canned goods or seasonings,
have accumulated seasonal gifts such as snacks and noodles, or harvested more crops
than expected, these extra items can be gathered and donated via a "food drive".
Food drives can be held anywhere there are groups of people, such as schools, community centers,
in your company, etc. Please consider supporting our cause by connecting your families
to 100,000 people in need with a food bank.

Support example

Food drive by Curves Japan,
the 30-minute fitness center for women.

Curves Japan has been holding food drives every year since 2007. They proactively promote their food drives through the media to introduce this campaign to the community. In 2016 they held their 9th food drive. 171,000 people participated by bringing food to 1,600 Curves centers. This food was then distributed to 630 welfare facilities and NPOs. Food collected from 35 centers, about five tons, was delivered to us. Each time it is clear that the women who donate food select items that are very useful, such as seasonings and ready-to-eat food, which we use to create care packages for households in need. Curves will continue these food drives as a way to contribute to the community around them.

Two community-oriented bookstores
held food drives

In an effort to be closer to the community and to contribute to society, Isseido bookstores in Urawa and Ageo (both in Saitama) held their first food drives. The store owners set up food donation boxes. They also contacted Saitama Shinbun, which published an article on the event. They also displayed books about poverty issues next to our pamphlets and held a Poverty Awareness Fair. Thanks to them, many people participated due to their new implementation style. One staff member from the Ageo store commented, "I was so surprised to receive rice from someone who came from another city!" Moving forward, Isseido hopes to show their community a new, never-before seen side of book shops.

Food drive at The Franciscan Chapel Center

The Franciscan Chapel Center has been holding food drives every month for a couple of years now. On the first Sunday of every month they collect 80-100kg of food from church members. There are no other groups gathering this much food every month. Also several parishoners bring a small mountain of food by car. Sometimes people went out of their way to buy things just for the food drive. For example, people gave seasonal gifts like Christmas cookies. You can feel the warmth of the senders when seeing what they bring. This group also gives a lot of foreign food, which is a big help for refugees who can't read Japanese. They are truly valuable supporters. Thank you.