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1. What sort of products do you often receive within donations of emergency supplies?

Dry packed rice, rice porridge (okayu), crackers, canned and preserved bread, canned fish, meat and soup, instant noodles, hard candy, ect…

2. Do you except water?

We accept donations of small amounts of water at our office (50-100 cases). However, if you would like to donate water in larger amounts, we may ask you to ship this water to a designated area in the Tohoku disaster areas, where it will be distributed to disaster victims without adequate access to radiation-free water.
(We ask that you cover shipping costs)

3. Will you pick up my donation?

We generally do not pick up donations, and ask that all donations be shipped directly to our office. However, if you would like to 2HJ to pick up your donation, please contact us for more details. If your location is on our delivery route or close to one of our warehouses, we may be able to accommodate your request.

4. What information do I need to provide when I donate my emergency supplies?

As with all other products, we ask that you send us an email informing us of the product name/type, amount and expiration date.

5. Do you except products whose expiration dates have passed?

No, we do not.

6. What about quality management and liability?

Generally speaking, the companies who use emergency supplies are not the producers of those supplies, and therefore are cannot be held liable for the quality of that product.
However, before you donate your product, please check that it has been purchased, handled and stored appropriately.

For information on proper product handling and storage, please consult the producer or check the handling instructions listed on the product.

Please read the information below to learn more about producer liability.

If a person falls ill, looses their life or suffers any other damages which are then proven to be directly related to their consumption of a certain product, they are legally able to claim damages against the producer or manufacturer.

Manufactures are expected to offer compensation to those who suffer illness or death due to a product flaw, regardless of who is determined to be at fault.

For more information, please visit the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency:

7. Do you ever except emergency supplies that are within 1 month of their expiration date?

We may be able to except a product with less than a month remaining before its expiration depending on the type and amount of that product. We will accept certain popular products (such as canned fish) in small amounts.

8. We have emergency supplies stored in different branch locations all over the country, and would like to donate them all. Do we have to ship all these supplies to Tokyo?

In the case of donating emergency supplies outside of the Tokyo area, Second Harvest Japan will introduce donors to one of many local food banks in our network. We then ask that you ship your donations directly to the aforementioned local food bank.

Please contact us at for to donate or to request further information.
You can download our donation application here.

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