Support by the Numbers

Immediately following the earthquake, we mobilized to provide assistance to the those affected in Tokyo and Tohoku.

Number of deliveries and packages as of December 2012. Donations as of November 2012.

Disaster Relief Timeline

March 11th

2:46 PM, Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan

Hot Meals Provided to 4,000 People Stranded in Tokyo

When the earthquake occurred all public transportation was shut down and commuters began to walk home. We distributed hot soup, bread and other food to commuters walking home. Many people learned about our activities through this experience.

March 12th

Hot Meals at Ueno Park

Our regular program of providing hot meals in Ueno Park takes place as scheduled.

March 13th

One of the First Organization to Disaster Area

Executive Director Charles McJilton and two staff head to the disaster area with on-air talent from CNN North America. We provide interpretation and logistics support. We are one of the first NPOs to arrive in the disaster areas. We were able to respond quickly because we had our own trucks and emergency travel clearances. Staff accessed the needs of those in the disaster areas and immediately began delivering appropriate supplies.

March 15th

Regular Deliveries to Tohoku Begin

Two more staff head to the disaster area to assess needs and deliver supplies.

March 19th

Establish Office in Sendai With Local Food Bank

Relief supplies delivered to 16 locations and evacuation shelters in Sendai, Natori, Iwanuma, Higashi-Matsushima and Kamigun. At the evacuation centers two meals per day are provided. However, food such as onigiri, steamed potatoes, and dried noodles lack protein and there is a demand for canned fish and meat. At our office in Tokyo, we process 778 boxes of relief supplies in the first week. Volunteers work long hours each day sorting and loading trucks headed for Tohoku.

March 20th

Truck Loads of Relief Supplies Being Delivered in Tokyo

By March 20th approximately 778 relief packages have been sorted, processed and loaded on trucks heading up north. This aid has come from both domestic and overseas supporters. Volunteers work long hours to keep the aid flowing.

March 23th

Aid Delivered to Minami-Soma

Executive Director Charles McJilton and staff Akira Kawada drive overnight to deliver relief supplies. The residents have been instructed to take shelter indoors as the city is about 20km from the reactor and there is fear of radiation. It is believed that roughly 10,000 people remain in the city that has completely shut down. People are relying on canned food and there is concern about people not getting enough nutrition. Over the next several days volunteers and other staff return to Minami-Soma reinforcing our commitment to provide support to the city should it prove necessary.

March 24th

Sendai-based Relief Supply Deliveries

Working with the local food bank and other NPOs, the needs of victims in Sendai are assessed and relief supplies delivered to hospitals, welfare facilities and evacuation centers. Sanitary supplies, underwear and dog food are also provided to 15 locations in Ishinomaki, Tagajo, Higashi-Matsushima, Natori and Sendai.

March 26th

Earth Day in Tokyo

Donations received in connection with this annual event are delivered to Ishinomaki.

March 27th

Refrigerated Truck Heads to Fukushima

Our 4-ton refrigerated truck departs for Iwaki and Shinchimachi in Fukushima.

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