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2HJ Banana Pick up at the 2013 Tokyo Marathon (February 24, 2013)

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The 7th Annual Tokyo Marathon was held on February 24th, 2013 under a bright sun and blue sky!

2HJ received a large donation of bananas and several other products which were left over after the Marathon, and would other wise have been disposed of. We were then able to give these products a second life by redistributing them to those in need.


The bananas donated by this year’s Tokyo Marathon committee were delicious, and were a big hit at the many shelters and support centers that we delivered to!


(Above) Iwao Sonoda, one of 2HJ’s long time volunteers, packs bananas into a truck for delivery

This year, 2HJ’s executive director, Charles, ran the marathon.


After finishing the 42.195 kilo race, Charles still managed to lend a hand to staff as they packed up bananas, and then headed off to the pool with his daughter.

This year’s Tokyo Marathon was a great event, pulled off by the many staff and volunteers who came out to help.

2HJ wishes to congratulate to this year’s runners and give a big thank you to all staff and volunteers.

See you next year!

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