Activity Reports

Visiting Food Bank and Soup Kitchen in Singapore!


Megumi Takahara, a Volunteer Coordinator, and Ayako Shapiro, an intern, are visiting food bank and soup kitchen in Singapore.

Willing Heart, soup kitchen organization, makes 4,000 meals everyday! Individual volunteers and cooperate volunteer team from Hilton Hotel participated in the activity. Volunteers can come and go whenever they want during 5am to 6pm. We delivered meals to 5 apartments for elderly and an individual in need.


Food from the Heart is a food bank organization in Singapore. The best and most unique activity this organization has created includes a daily process of 100 volunteers picking up bread at shops and hotels and delivering them to agencies. Volunteers input the amount of bread into their database. The activity started because the large amount of bread that is wasted in Singapore.

All staff and volunteers are very positive and kind! I was impressed by the power of volunteers in Singapore!



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