About us

Charles E. McJilton

Executive Director/Food bank Team Manager

This job is a once in a lifetime opportunity: pioneering a new concept in a unique way with great people. Japan has given me so much. This is a small way to give back. My secret in life is eating plenty of SPAM.

Akiko Kikuchi

Office Manager/Food Bank Team/Agent Relations

In the summer of 2007, I was flipping through a magazine, came across an article about Second Harvest Japan and was instantly fascinated. I volunteered for the first time the winter of 2008 and had great fun interacting with people from different cultures. In the spring of 2009 I joined 2HJ’s office staff.

Megumi Takahara

Volunteer Coordinator/Management Team
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene

My mother instilled in me the belief that good food could bring about world peace. Everyday I unite with volunteers and enjoy working for our cause. You could probably call me the taste tester for our Saturday soup kitchen?

Hiroshi Aita

Facilities Manager/Pantry Coordinator
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene

A place to eat sleep and live.... No one can live without food. I work here because I’ve always loved cooking and eating. I came to Second Harvest Japan after a career in IT. I also love kitties.

Junko Yasuda

Pantry Manager/Accountant

The oldest (and wisest) member of staff. I’ve always tried to be a caring mother figure to the younger staff, but most, it’s more likely that I’m just considered a bossy old granny. I have been with 2HJ since the spring of 2009.

Akiko Sugiyama

Pantry Coordinator/Management Team

Before joining 2HJ, I worked at a shelter for women and children. 2HJ’s effect on those mothers and their children was greater than simply the food it provided. I want to make sure that 2HJ keeps providing not only food, but the sense that “someone cares for me and I am not alone.”

Tsuyoshi Kurosawa

Food Bank Team – Kanto Area

During the years that I worked part time at restaurants and bakeries, I always wondered if there wasn’t something that could be done about all the food that was inevitably wasted, so when I saw the article about food banking in a newspaper, I knew that I wanted to be involved with this activity for the rest of my life.

Akira Kawada

Food Bank Systems Engineer
Licensed in Food Preparation and Food Safety and Hygiene

During my time as a hikkikomori, I happened to find the book “The Challenge of Food Banks” by Etsuko Ohara in a library that I was slipping past, and I started volunteering at 2HJ fulltime. I became a staff member after 3.11 and I now work in gratitude for the opportunity I received to return to society.

Rumi Ide

PR, Corporate Communications/Management Team
Licensed in Food Safety and Hygiene

At my previous job at a foreign food manufacturer, I experienced 2HJ’s activities through the donor’s perspective. I joined 2HJ after seeing food fail to be delivered to where it was most needed after 3.11. I have had an interest in food since I was 5, and I have been awarded a Ph.D. in nutrition. Was a participant in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Philippines, and continue to promote food banking in the region.

Sera Palmer

Advocacy & Development

After 3 years working as a middle school teacher, I moved to Tokyo and joined Second Harvest Japan with the intent of continuing my quest to return to Japan all the kindness that I have received. I firmly believe that good food can overcome the gap in cultures and bring people together despite their differences!

Masahiro Otake

Second Harvest Japan Alliance

I am currently in the middle of the application process for founding the public interest foundation Second Harvest Japan Alliance. Second Harvest Japan Alliance (2HJA) will be involved in developing and propagating food bank activities nation-wide. We also hope to develop a stronger relationship with food banks in other regions.

Yuji Shibata

Ishinomaki Project Coordinator

I had always been interested in food loss, so when I read about 2HJ in the newspaper I thought, “I have to be a part of this!” and immediately began volunteering by delivering food to welfare agencies. I joined 2HJ as staff after the Tohoku disaster, and I am now struggling along as the leader of the Ishinomaki Project.

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