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Organizational Map・Board of Trustees

Due to limited staff, some staff have multiple hats.


Charles E. McJilton

Chairman of the Board

Charles wears many different hats: fundraiser, public speaker, food bank promoter, and outreach coordinator.

Kousaku Shibata


Kosaku is one of our original drivers. In the early days, he and his wife picked up and delivered food several times a week with his wife, Seisei. Kosaku. They were our liaison with agencies and organizations, arranging for deliveries in Kanto, Nagoya and Kansai.

Reverend Toshimasa Yamamoto


Reverend Yamamoto has strong connections to Japanese churches gained through his works has head of the National Christian Council in Japan. He is currently a professor and chaplain at Kansei Gakuin University in Kobe.

Huntley Nicholas


Huntley has been with us since its early days. He has contributed his time helping with the warehouse and our Hot Meal program on Saturday. He has handled and organized countless tons of food in our warehouse and is always there for the organization in a pinch. Huntley also uses his professional skills to edit ourrnewsletter and website content.

John Bayles


Founder/owner of Alishan Organic Center/Tengu Natural Foods, John has long provided valuable guidance to us based on his own experience and knowledge as a food importer and distributor. John sets an example for other companies by allowing his customers to “share the goodness” by donating while they shop—and matching the contributions. He is an original member of the Professional Advisory Board.

Kazumasa Haijima


“Haijima” began as a volunteer and was later hired to deliver food. He stepped down in 2011 and became the COO of Foundation for Cooperative Community Creation based in Sendai.

Leland Gaskins


Leland Gaskins is Investment Representative in Asia for the State of North Carolina, a position he has held since July 2005.  His work involves assisting Asian firms with their capital investment projects in the United States as well as general duties representing the North Carolina Department of Commerce and Governor’s Office to businesses and governments in the region. As an original member of the Professional Advisory Board, Leland played a key role in creating 2hj's first financial model and key metrics based on food bank operations in the US and updating our business plan. He continues to be a valuable source of knowledge concerning good business practices.

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