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2012 Harvest News Issue 2


Here is the second volume of our 2012 newsletter! This 6-page issue reports the results of our logistics assessment, describes the implementation of our new QR code tracking system, announces changes to the 1/3 rule and much more!

2012 Harvest News Issue 1


The first volume of our 2012 newsletter includes a report on our March symposia as well as thank you letters from victims of the Tohoku disaster.

2011 Harvest News Issue 2


The second volume of our 2011 newsletter is a report of our 2011 activities. Join us in looking back at a year that proved to be full of obstacles and challenges.

2011 Harvest News Issue 1


The volume 1 of our 2011 newsletter gives a report of our Tohoku disaster support activities. We received more than 400 tons of food donations from individuals and companies. We wish to thank everyone for your incredible support.

2010 Harvest News Issue 1


In this edition, our executive director Charles E. McJilton and our founding member and trustee Kousaku Shibata recount what Second Harvest Japan was like at the time of it’s founding. Don’t miss out on this info!

2009 Harvest News December Issue


This issue has reports on our second Food Bank Symposium, our Food Bank Caravan and introductions of the individuals and companies who support us.

2008 Harvest News Issue 2


The second volume of our 2008 newsletter! This edition is full of information on the delivery of refrigerated products in our new refrigerated truck, the expansion of our warehouses, our visit to the Global Food banking Network and volunteer experiences.

2008 Harvest News Issue 1


The first issue of our 2008 newsletter contains an explanation of food drives, and a report on our charity concert. Enjoy!

2007 Harvest News Fall Issue


This issue includes introduces one our our recipient agencies, Caanan Christ Church, gives you a peek at our part-time staff, and has article on “Japan’s hidden poverty.”

2007 Harvest News Summer Issue


The 2007 summer edition! It includes helpful facts about distributing food to women and children, a report on Jason Yueh, who volunteered with us for 4 years, and information on our partnership with Morgan Stanley Japan!

2007 Harvest News Winter Issue


The first edition of Harvest News! It includes messages from our full-time staff members, a piece on one of our donors, Heinz Japan, information on the Harvest Pantry cliental and the introduction of one of our volunteer drivers, David Adams!

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