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From JR Akihabara Station

1. Exit the station via the “Showa-dori” Exit.

As you exit the station area through the ticket gates, take note of the direction you are facing — east. The warehouse is directly east of the station. To get there, you’ll basically be walking in a long straight line on a street adjacent to overhead train tracks.

2. Walk forward toward a pedestrian crossing.

The wide street you are about to cross is Showa-dori.

3. Cross the street when the Walk sign is on.

Directly in front of you (and under the train tracks) is a Chinese-style soba shop, with a large picture of a bowl of noodles on its sign. There’s a narrow one-way street on either side of the soba shop. Take the street on the LEFT.

4. Walk straight ahead.

You’ll cross a few small streets, then you will come to a large one at a set of traffic lights. In total, you’ll walk about 500 meters/yards, so it shouldn’t take longer than five or ten minutes.

5. The Second Harvest Japan warehouse is on the left-hand (north) side of the road, just a few steps from the intersection

The entrance is just before the corner. You should be able to see a sign with our orange rice man logo.

  • 左側の建物(作業場所)

  • 右側の建物(事務所)

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